Knock Down and Rebuild

Are you looking to build your next dream home, but you love the location you’re already in? If you have purchased property to redevelop or want to knock down your old home and start fresh, Dj Roberts can help.

Renovating can be a huge hassle, hard on your wallet and can prove to be very stressful without the right knowledge.

A lot of people are finding a better solution in our Knockdown and rebuild service. David has great experience in knockdown and rebuilds and we can take care of your rebuild needs the whole way through.

We will help you organise everything from the planning and demolition to the quality final product.

Choose from one of our plans, bring us one of your plans or take one of our plans and we can customise it to your needs at no extra cost. We can build your dream home without compromising your layout or your lifestyle.

Get in touch with DJ Roberts today and let us know how we can help you put your dream home together. Call 1300 261 436 or email us at


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